Chinese Academy of Sciences Checking up on DARPA

China have designed an ARV unmanned underwater vehicle, which operates as an ROV also it appears to possess some dynamic and revolutionary features. This is a reasonably step forward for that Chinese and brings them track of the present UUV technologies of Universities like Berkeley, Durch, Stanford yet others.

Because the Chinese are pushing for space and underwater, while spending billions to develop their military these technological advances truly are pressing forward inside a Space Race both up over the atmosphere and lower there. Shall we be in the center of a technology develop between rivaling nations like throughout the cold-war, only within this situation doing this in additional positive pursuits of science? Or we’ll the U . s . States as well as an emerging China super power find inside us a stand off over a couple of decades where both of us possess superior weapons of war through technological advancements?

For each advance or leap in U . s . States technology, there’s a couple of steps directly behind that from your counterpart Chinese Scientists. May be the Chinese Academy of Sciences spending so much time to maintain the united states Military as well as their research arm DARPA? Therefore, exactly what does everything mean? Think about this in the year 2006.